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I Love a Challenge.

It's nice when you get a commission that's a bit unusual. The brief for this one was to do a portrait of the client in the style of Frida Khalo as a birthday present for her other half. It also was to include their four rescue dogs, seven rescue cats and four rescue chickens. Her interests included growing things in their polytunnel and feeding the pigs and emu at the local animal sanctuary. This gave me lots to work with and made for a very exciting and enjoyable painting.

It did come with it's challenges though, to fit all the animals in for starters and to try and get a little character in each of them. Also to do a portrait that was recognisable as a Frida painting but also try and catch the person I was painting proved very difficult. I like a challenge though and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I like the surreal element to it like Frida's work. I like the colours, which were based on the clients favourites. As the client likes growing food I also did a polytunnel background and the flowers in her hair are all based on edible flowers.

I think it's a really joyous vibrant piece, which is what I wanted it to be and I just hope the clients are happy with it.

Now onto the next one, as I always say, a day painting is a happy day!

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