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Strange & Sometimes Troubled Memoires Film

As Some of you may know, in 2023 I was approached by an award winning filmmaker called Jason King who wanted to make a documentary about me.

When he realised I was just completing this series of paintings he decided that he wanted to make a film about the stories behind these paintings.

The film is just about complete and now we are going live with a Crowdfunder today Thursday 18th Jan 2024 at 7pm.

We understand not everyone can donate but if you could look at our Crowdfunder page we'd be so grateful as traffic increases visibility and we need to spread the word far and wide.

This is the link to the page Strange & Sometimes Troubled Memories Film

If you know of anyone interested in art or independent film we would be so grateful if you could pass on the info about this.

Also if you can donate even a small amount that would be amazing.

For a £3 you can get a link to see the film first.

There's also lots of rewards including original artwork, memorabilia, hand written letters with secrets insights into the paintings, and more.

Jason and I have made this film with zero budget and put in a lot of hours.

The Crowdfunder doesn't need to reach it's target for us to receive the donations.

We are raising funds to hire someone to finish the sound mix, to enter film festivals, (Jason has had his work shown at many film festivals and received awards and he's confident this will do well), the cost showing the film at the festivals, promotional costs, and streaming services costs.

Thanks for reading, if you could share this blog and/or our socials page it would be really appreciated.

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