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If We Didn't Laugh We'd Cry

This painting is from a very particular moment in time, things were not going well for my other half Bella and I.

2021 was a very hard year for us, we'd had a run of difficult years since 2016, not all bad but testing times. I know it's been a tough time for most people what with the pandemic and strange events around the world.

At this moment we were close to breaking point, for reasons too personal to write about here at this time but maybe one day.

The thing was though, we didn't let it get us down, we kept each other sane and held each other up. No matter how hard things got, we laughed every day.

That's what this painting is all about, the huge help a sense of humour can be to get through tough times. Bella had her 'onesie' on and had pulled the hood up and was pulling faces to make me laugh and lift my spirits. We both have quite dark senses of humour but sometimes just being childish when everything around you is falling apart is all you can do to cope.

This painting is about the little (and big) things we do for each other and how as a couple we cope when it seems like the world is against us.

Things have settled down and we seem to have got through the worst of things for the moment.

We feel so blessed to be starting a new phase of our lives together somewhere new and I'm so happy that now that we are in our new home I can fully concentrate on my art again.

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Mac’s Art Mojo
Mac’s Art Mojo
May 02, 2022

It’s so true Jack, having a shared sense of humour, even the dark kind, can see you through the sad and the bad times. It also provides you with some of the warmest memories. Im glad you’re happy in this “new phase” in your lives. 👍🏻

May 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much for taking the time to look and comment, it's much appreciated, thank you, yes life is getting better!

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