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I Picked The Wrong Year.

Updated: May 1, 2020

I picked the wrong year to start a new business and website. I started this and within a week the whole COVID19 thing kicked off and we went into lockdown.

Now every day is like a strange dream and it's quite difficult to take it all in.

People are having to deal with so much. On the worst end of the scale you have the people losing loved ones (over 900 died in the UK since five o'clock yesterday) and the key workers like NHS staff having to try and keep it together and keep the country going. For everyone else there is the worry of whether they'll catch it, the worry of getting food safely, the total lifestyle change and if you unfortunate enough to have kids, the absolute nightmare of been stuck at home with them.

I don't have kids, just a partner and a dog. Despite the strangeness of the whole end of the world feel and the underlying dread and worry, we try to have a sense of humour about it and are actually managing to enjoy our time.

We are both doing things we always wanted to get around to, despite everything, it's a good time for creativity. I finally got around to finish this website, I don't expect anyone to read this blog but apparently it helps getting your website found on search engines so you have to do it. Saying that, I didn't expect anyone to look at my website at all either but since putting it up I have got two more commissions! So that's exciting.

Oh yeah, two commissions, the important bit, and here I am messing about writing blogs and trying to increase my online presence. Well that's my first blog post done, time to get back to painting, what a joy!

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